October 16th, 2018

8:00 am. Gave Alex his breakfast cereal. After he needed to take some medication that he surpringly took by himself. He has a spot of bronchiolitis that was diagnosed yesterday. 9:00 am McDonald's for breakfast. Met an elderly gentleman who I have seen here every time I stop by for breakfast. Turns out to be … Continue reading October 16th, 2018


October 8th, 2018

8:30 am. Off to Kindergarten with Alexander after a breakfast of cereal and milk, carrot juice and a saltine cracker. 9:00 am Received 1st new order for the week. And worked on two I received yesterday. 11:30 am. Had to take a midday nap. A late night run of an old TV serial I enjoyed … Continue reading October 8th, 2018