A Buddhist Cemetery and A Zoo

June 26, 2020 Kaohsiung, Taiwan Friday 730 am Alex and I had gone to bed earlier than normal last night. Today we needed to wake early and catch a train to a northern area of Tainan called XinYing. XinYing is the old administrative center for Tainan in the pre-Japanese Era of Taiwan. But now is … Continue reading A Buddhist Cemetery and A Zoo

Anlia | Memorial Student Android

May 30th, 2020 It has been what seems the end of a very long month. A month of great self reflection and contemplation about everything I know about my life and that of others. The death of Anli has had a profound effect on my being, but nothing that leads to darkness. It has led … Continue reading Anlia | Memorial Student Android

April 7 2020 | What up in Taiwan

Tuesday April 7, 2020 Kaohsiung, Taiwan 9:30 am.  It's been a while I know. But now I'm not so busy with my business now, due to the effects of a worldwide virus called Covid-19. This mother-of-coronavirus has completed destroyed sales, mostly due to international postal networks going offline. Still have services from Taiwan to the … Continue reading April 7 2020 | What up in Taiwan

The Wuhan Corona Virus of 2020

LATEST UPDATE: APRIL 2nd 2020 REPORTING PERIOD BEGAN: 17th November 2019 [Instead of making multiple entries of the Wuhan Corona Virus timeline I will just continue updating this one I started on Feb 8th. Please note I will only add 'official figures', although most people around the world agree that those figures are under reported … Continue reading The Wuhan Corona Virus of 2020

A day with Sadako and Masahiro Sasaki

"DO You know that the wind feels good? DO you know that the air is delicious? To walk without worry. To sleep without care. To eat without concern. SO many take for granted these simple pleasures. DO YOU? I hope not. Be thankful for these things. I want to tell you, they are wonderful." - … Continue reading A day with Sadako and Masahiro Sasaki