July 11th, 2016 | The Rain In Spain goes mostly down the drain.

Light Intensity Shower Rain, 30°C


It’s another rainy day today. A good day to just sleep in bed like my son in this photo.

Tomorrow should be an interesting day news wise. The international Court in The Hague will make a ruling regarding island claims in the south China sea. The Philippines vs China. Many countries have been fighting over this area for a long time time. But when China a few years ago took control of Scarborough Shoal which is the traditional fishing grounds of the Philippines. The Philippines decided to fight back in the international Court. China has said the court has no jurisdiction over it and we’ll ignore all decisions that the court makes. China has become a very arrogant country. This arrogance and the tactics it applies to many situations in the world will be its demise. Bullies don’t last forever.

As with all expanding Empires they will try to take as much as they can until such time as they fall down and tumble as history has proven over and over again.

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