July 12th, 2016 | The puncture


Well it’s been another rainy day. I rode my scooter to work and got there without a single drop of rain falling. But afterwards it rained all day. In the evening on the way back to Kaohsiung I got a flat tire on my scooter. I had to push it for about half a kilometre until I found a repair shop that was still open. It cost me $100 to repair the puncture. Very lucky that repair shop was open. I just hope it lasts until I can get a new tire. I will try and get steel radial tires if they exist. I’ve had far too many punches on these roads. Stronger tires should hopefully prevent that. One thing less to worry about. Because there’s nothing worse being stuck in the middle of nowhere in the pouring rain.

But in some good news after I arrived home I read the Evening News to discover that the permanent Court of the Hague had awarded the Philippines the legal case against China. So now we will see what China’s reaction will be.

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