July 18th, 2016 | The Postman

Broken Clouds, 33°C


It’s been an interesting Monday so far. At about 8:45 a.m. I took Alex out for a walk in his stroller. Before I left the building the postman arrived. I had just checked the mailbox and there was nothing in it. He looked at me and I looked at the package in his haPostmannds. I recognize the package right away. It was from Australia. And I could see my mother’s handwriting. The postman was unsure where to deliver the package because my mother had forgotten to write the street name on the package it just had my name, the city, suburb, house number and zipcode. How this man managed to stop right in front of me at that time and I was coming out the door is amazing. So I said to him hey that’s for me. He said really? I showed him my identification and he agreed it was for me. He made a big sigh of relief gave me the parcel and rode away. Mission accomplished.

My mother had sent me a birthday card for my wife and a tube of Vegemite. Vegemite is an Australian spread. It is very difficult to buy in foreign countries. As it is not popular. The Taste is unique.

In the afternoon I spoke to my cousin in Australia and my aunt for about an hour. His name is Joel. He is my mother’s nephew. His father is my mother’s brother. The internet is a curious thing especially video chatting. It feels as if you have never left the place that you were originally in. Or should I say feels like these people you speak to are in the same room physically as you are. I guess in a way they are. It makes life very easy to live far from home, for me anyway. Maybe not all people can be so isolated all the time. Everyone’s different.

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