July 22nd, 2016 | Sunrises & Sunsets

Broken Clouds, 32°C


Another Friday has arrived. I worked yesterday for six and a half hours. Today is my day off, of course. Weather is really nice today. Oh but there’s still a little bit of humidity.

It was Chia’s 30th birthday on Tuesday and my mother sent some money via Western Union. We’ve had no time to pick it up this week. But today we will go together to pick it up on her lunch break. The extra cash will come in handy. $4700 NT.

Yesterday Chia had to go to an interview for the childcare center that is located on the third floor. We hope to put Alexander into childcare next month.

My mother-in-law is back in hospital. So we need the Child Care now.

I have been enjoying the sunsets this week. This week seems to be a fairly peaceful week. Thank goodness. Home life, despite some of the drama is going good. And work , despite not having many hours is also running smoothly. I really like it when things goes smoothly. Who doesn’t.

I have two photos in this entry. The first photo I took in the morning while I was taking Alexander for a morning stroll. The second photo is taken at about at 6:30 p.m. as the sun goes down. The world always seems peaceful at that time. And it also seems to give hope for the future. For me anyway. As long as the sun rises and sun sets there will always be a tomorrow. I like that.

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