July 27th, 2016 | City Mouse & Country Mouse

Scattered Clouds, 35°C


At home today with my son Alexander today is my day off of course. It is another quite good sunny day. I really like the weather in Kaohsiung. It’s much like my hometown in Austrailia. I spent the first seven years living in Taipei, Taiwan. And I lived in different localities while i was there. I must say I never really like living in Taipei. The weather was always constantly changing and there was far too much polution. One area I lived in named Xizhi continually rained all year round and it was a very depressing place to live. I’m so glad that I made the move down to the South.

Attached to this journal entry is a photo taken spontaneously while I was on my way to work yesterday afternoon. I really love that you can escape the city and be in the country quite quickly. The country area here in the south of Taiwan reminds me much of my childhood home countryside in Australia. It’s very comforting.

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