July 29th, 2016 | Mops & the Universe.

Scattered Clouds, 36°C


This morning visiting my mother-in-law in the hospital. Alexander and my father-in-law are with me. Mother-in-law looks quite weak. My guess is that they have got her on some very strong antibiotics.

On my to-do list today I need to make copies of all of Alexander’s medical reports so we can forward them to the child care center. Sweep, vacuum and mop the floors. No matter what drama unfolds in life, chores are always waiting for you. Perhaps it’s to give you time to reflect. It is amazing what secrets of the universe come to you while mopping a floor!

In the photo is Alexander being held by one of the volunteer nursing staff. To be honest I have no idea what her name is. But I do know she has been at my mother-in-laws bedside for the past week. Thank goodness for good Samaritans.

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