August 3rd, 2016 | Bliss & Hospice

Broken Clouds, 29°C


Last night my wife stayed with my mother-in-law in hospital and I stayed at home with Alexander my son. Today when my wife returned home she had a “Do not resuscitate” Hospital order to co sign with my father-in-law. It’s a shame. It would be a hard thing to execute such a document.

I saw my mother-in-law this afternoon. I took Alexander with me. She enjoyed seeing him again. Although it was difficult for her to see. Her eyes are starting to lose function. But she is still hanging on. She has already exhausted her anti-cancer treatment. Now in hospice care in those last days. I do believe however she is now pain free for once in her life. Thank goodness. I couldn’t imagine nothing worse than passing away in agony. I myself would rather slowly fall to sleep peacefully, perhaps listening to some wonderful piece of classical music. And just relax and go.

Anyhow she may have one or two days left to go. It may be tomorrow, it may be Friday. It maybe Saturday, I have no idea. If it will be this Saturday that she decides to let go then it will be an unforgettable day because the 6th of August is peace day for the bombing of Hiroshima. Something that I always pay tribute to every year.

Before we left the hospital she fell asleep next to Alex and me as we watched an old cartoon called Felix the Cat. That’s when I decided to leave. It may be my last memory of her, sleeping with a small smile on her face. If so, than it’s a comforting memory. Peace to you mom

In todays photo Alexander sleeps blissfully, unaware of the drama unfolding. I have prepared a few things so that he can always remember his grandmother in the future after she has gone. I have kept many photos and videos of his grandmother and him together. Thank goodness. In one way she will always be there if he ever needs to see and hear her. And that goes for the rest of the family too.

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