August 5th, 2016 | Days of our lives

Light Rain, 31°C


Been a bit of a tiring day today. Physically and emotionally. We woke up early to give Alex his breakfast and put him into daycare before 9:30 a.m. as we had to go to the hospital to check on Mom. She started having trouble breathing at about 10 a.m. and tossing off the blanket covering her legs. I believe people are quite sensitive in these last stages. The medical staff went to check on her. Her arms and legs had all gone cold. And her pulse was very hard to detect. So her body was now in the final stages of shutting down. As the body tries to protect the vital organs it stops feeding blood to body extremities. Hence the arms and legs go cold.

I decided to massage her forehead and scalp softly. She seemed to like that. A slight distraction from the pain that would have been going on elsewhere in her body. I think her abdomen seemed quite painfull.

At about 11 a.m. most of the family arrived thinking that they would say goodbye to her there and then. Just incase I was asked to go and collect Alex from daycare.

It was about 1200pm when I arrived back and she saw Alex. By 1pm she was still hanging on. And by the afternoon most of the relatives had returned home again. She sure is a fighter. It will be another long night. I guess she will make it to the 6th of August like people suspected.

Interesting how even in the last stages of life we struggle to hang on to every last bit of it. It brings to fruition my belief that we were never meant to age or die, at least not so quick anyway. Because what if you could sustain those organs and continually rejuvenate those organs theoretically you could never die naturally anyway. I’m sure someday they will solve this problem of why our bodies decide to stop working. I am convinced it’s been pre-programmed into our DNA. Why our masters have done this I have no idea.

I took Alex home by 2pm and continued the daily routine at home. Briefly return to the hospital at about 3pm to give my wife some lunch. She will stay with her mom again tonight.

The photo was taken through the hospital window of mom’s ward. Outside the world goes on as normal.

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