August 6th, 2016 | A new Journey

Light Rain, 28°C


At about 3 p.m. this afternoon my mother-in-law Su-Ching Mai, passed away. She was only 51 years old.

We were told she had no pain. We arrived at the hospital at almost 4 p.m.. She was in the viewing room, a flatlined heart monitor next to her. She looked very much at peace. In fact I haven’t seen that kind of look on her face before. My mother-in-law had been battling cancer for 2 years. She had exhausted chemotherapy and on top of that she had been suffering for the past 10 years from rheumatoid arthritis and diabetes. So to have cancer and its ailments on top of that would have been a mighty punch. But she really battled it out until the end. What an amazing spirit. Good luck mom on your new Journey wherever you may go. You will not be forgotten. And I’m sure you will not forget us. It would be quite fantastic if all of us could meet again someday the future somewhere. What stories we will have to share.

This afternoon at about 5 p.m. a thunderstorm rolled in unexpectedly. How curious. Luckily I had already arrived home with Alexander as I needed to give him a bath and get him ready for dinner. My wife and family stayed at the hospital of course. I guess they will be back quite late.

The attached photo is Su-Ching Mai at a lake in Kaohsiung that she liked to go to every year. It was taken on the 1st of March at 3 p.m. 2015 a few days before her only grandson Alexander was born.

The second photo was taken as the storm clouds rolled in this afternoon marking the end of a long day.

The third photo was taken after, as something amazing happened. The sun came out once more just before going down. That is life. There may be stormy weather in life but in the end the sun will shine and bring a new day. There is always hope. And where there is hope there is possibility of wonderful things yet to come.

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