August 7th, 2016 | A midsummer nights dream

Light Rain, 27°C


Today was a surreal kind of day. My wife and father-in-law spent the day at a funeral home arranging a funeral for my mother in law next Saturday.

I spent the day with my son Alex. I took him out to a large shopping mall to look at toys and a enjoy the good weather.

My wife told me that on late Friday night that her mother had a dream about Alexander. In her dream Alexander was an adult. I guess it was her mind giving her a wish that she wouldn’t physically be able to experience.

Anyhow the funeral will be next Saturday. Although I still don’t know the time yet. She will be cremated at a christian ceremony and later put to rest a christian Cemetery where some other relatives are buried. I mention this because I’ve never attended a Christian ceremony in Taiwan before. I have only ever witnessed a traditional Taiwanese funeral. Which was quite different to what I have normally experienced before. Nor do I wish to experience again. They are simply too noisy and too depressing.

In the evening I took my wife and Alexander to IKEA. Not to buy furniture but to have dinner. Ikea has quite an inexpensive restaurant. It’s nice to go out there once in a while.

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