August 9th, 2016 | A river runs through it

Few Clouds, 39°C

Taiwan, Kaohsiung City, 二層行橋;二仁路

Another Tuesday has arrived and like sands through the hour glass so too are the days of our lives. Haha. And these times of dramatic seconds one must always keep a sense how to heed off the madness and insanity. That secret of life is keeping a smile.

The fact that you can go through hardships in life is a miracle itself. Why is that? Because if you weren’t alive you wouldn’t be able to experience it. So in a strange kind of macabre way I am joyful that I can experience something like this. Unfortunately most people have to experience these kind of events more than once in their life but the message is to keep a smile.

I woke up early again this morning even though I went to bed really late. So I got Alexander’s food prepared then after he woke up and had his breakfast we took him into  child care. Then it was off to the laundromat where this journal started. You can’t escape the universal fact that you must wash your clothes.

After the laundrymat we had to go to the bank to pay the mortgage. I usually pay the mortgage money but I’ve never been to the bank before because that was something mom usually took care of. (When I say mom I refer to my wife’s mother. I will refer to my mother as Mum). While I was waiting at the bank I decided to play a new kind of virtual game called Pokemon go. I’ve always resisted such trends but this one I was very curious about and I could see the possibility of it being very addictive. So I need to moderate myself on this. You should never lose focus on real life unless you want to lose it.

After the bank we went to visit my mom’s Memorial again. This time we were smart enough to bring a floor fan because it’s very hot and humid today and there is no air conditioning unit in the room we are using for Mom’s Memorial. Simply because it’s just beyond our budget. Even after death you still have got to pay money for things. How annoying is that! On the plus side in Taiwan they have a tradition that relatives and friends of the deceased should pay tribute by donating some money in a red envelope. Usually by the end there is enough to cover all the funeral expenses. I must admit that was a good idea, who ever thought that up eons ago.

At 11am I had to depart Mom’s Memorial and head off to work. This afternoon I work from 4p.m. to 6:30 p.m. It will be an enjoyable break. Surrounded by young energetic happy children really gets rid of the gloom. But before class I need to make another 20 or so paper cranes. Yesterday I finished 40. I have 60 to go.

The photo today was taken as I stopped to enjoy the scenery on my way to work. The river marks the boarder between Tainan County and Kaohsiung county. Tainan is on the left side of the photo and Kaohsiung on the right.

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