August 11th, 2016 | Breakfast at Tiffanys, almost.

Light Rain, 31°C

No. 67, Changjiang Street, Qianzhen District

Another Thursday with its dramatic events. Or should I say “such is life” events.

Woke up this morning and Alexander has an upset stomach. So we needed to take him to the children’s doctor at 8:30 a.m. he told us to only give him very simple food until it has passed and gave some medicine to settle his stomach.

At 9 a.m. we dropped Alex into daycare along with his doctors medicine. Then we went to have breakfast. There are many Taiwanese westernized breakfast cafe’s in Taiwan. The sandwiches are especially delicious and lightly toasted. Served with milk tea, coffee or soya milk. You can also get a side serving of salad or fries. And most important it is quite inexpensive.

At 10am my wife had to finish lodging mom’s life insurance claim, while I stayed at home putting together a collection of photographs for a presentation we will do at mom’s eulogy on Saturday the 13th of August.

By 11am I had to set of to work to Tainan. I am leaving a bit earlier today as it has been raining this morning and I’ll need to drive slower. I dont take risks on wet roads. And I am gobsmacked by those I see racing along wet roads in cars and especially scooters. Don’t they realize it just takes one slip and they’ll have a whole lot of trouble.

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