August 12th, 2016 | Legacies & Hiroshima

Moderate Rain, 29°C


Friday morning. Woke up to the sound of rain pelting against the glass window panes. Which later became that fine drizzlel floating around in the air all morning.

Alexander has a slight fever today. So he won’t be attending child care today. Keep him home safe and sound. And because he hasn’t been able to eat properly he is lacking in energy. My guess is he will spend most of the day in bed and sleep. Sleep is usually the best remedy to overcome sickness anyway. It is best for the body to relax and take care of business, without adding stresses upon it that we routinely apply in our daily lives. Hopefully he will be bright and shiny tomorrow morning. Although the events of tomorrow are not so rosy. It will be moms funeral day.

I also learnt something very unusual today. Mom passed away on the same day and time as her own mother. And they were both 51 years old! What are the chances of that happening? Incredible.

Last night my wife put together a PowerPoint presentation for moms eulogy tomorrow. We have put together quite a good range of photos. Some that I have never seen before. And I’m sure a lot that many other people may have never seen. But they are all positive memories and that’s what counts. That’s the legacy of what each one of us should leave behind, a legacy to help people we leave behind to move forward.

We spent the afternoon looking for appropriate clothing for the funeral tomorrow.

The organizers of the service have decided that white and black is the best to wear. I’ll be wearing a white shirt with black shorts. I didn’t have a white shirt and I had to find one.

But shopping high and low I could not find one in my size. At about 530pm I arrived back home disappointed. However when I looked into my wardrobe to get my evening clothes ready I noticed a white shirt hanging up at the end of the rail. It was a white t-shirt I bought in Hiroshima Japan many years ago. On it was the date August 6th. The same date that mom passed away. Perfect! Not only could I use it to morn my mom but also the innocence who lost their lives on that fateful day in Hiroshima.

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