August 14th, 2016 | Nuclear Medicine & Tea

Broken Clouds, 38°C

Kaohsiung, Qianzhen District

Sunday. 9:95a.m. Life’s drama just never stops rolling on. Today we had to take Alexander to the emergency room of the general Hospital. Because all the clinics are close today on Sunday.

Alex has had a stomach problem for almost a week. Usually as far as I know these kind of ‘bugs’ should only last 3 days or so. So I decided to seek an extra diagnosis. I’m quite certain he has picked up this bug from the daycare centre. He’s not had something like this before. While we make sure he is hygentically clean and sickness free (a condition of childcare) it seems perhaps not others follow the same rules. Anyhow the e.r doctor prescribed some new medicine. Told us to return in 3 days if it still persists. Hopefully it will get things right.

After the hospital we decided to take a break and get some iced tea drinks. In Taiwan there are tea shops everywhere. Name the flavor and you can probably find it. ‘Macu’ is one of the more popular tea chain shops. A photo supplied. A standard drink will cost about $35 NT. You can adjust the sugar and ice content to your liking.

Today I also had a surprise thanks to Mom. She had left me a gift of $2000 NT in a red envelope. Wow even after death mom was still thinking about her family. I am really humbled. Thank you mom! Also a few entry’s back I said at funerals that they collect red envelops from visitors during the “viewing” period. I made a mistake. It was infact white envelopes. Red is usually reserved for weddings and the new year. My bad.

In the afternoon I hung up a portrait of mom in the living room at the request of dad. Dad spends a considerable amount of relaxation time in the living room. Mostly watching baseball events or TV shows about U.F.O’s. Oh he is a big believer in Extra Terrestrial life. So I guess he figured that mom should join him there watching T.V.

A human beings behavior and thinking is a very curious thing.

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