August 15th, 2016 | The mysterious Virus

Light Rain, 33°C

No. 140, Siwei 4th Road, Lingya District

Waiting. Waiting. Waiting. So much of our life is spent waiting, as though we are immortals. Doesn’t that peeve you? Luckily though I am quiet patient in certain things. 1.5 hours we waited this morning at the general hospital for the afternoon shift doctors to arrive. Alexander’s medicine doesnt seem to be working. Maybe delayed things a bit but the end result is the same. Oh, you can never get used to changing diapers, especially those of unwell children. I will leave it at that. I’m sure you get my meaning.

Finally at 11:20am I had my chance to jump up from my seat and insert the medical insurance IC card for my son into the admission machine outside the doctors office. Patient number 26 today. Hmm. First in line and I was beaten by 25 people who must have made an apointment online. DOH! More waiting I guess.

My wife chose to return to work today. So luckily my father-in-law stayed home. Otherwise it would have been very unpleasant wait holding a sick child watching the numbers flip closer to yours in the waiting area. Dad was constantly making rounds of the floor to pass the time and keep Alexander preoccupied.

And I need a shave. The stuble on my face is getting from the soothing bristle to that annoying itch length. Right, tonight it’s got to go.

At 145pm the doctor said Alexander needs to be admitted into intensive care. His stomach is bloating and needs some treatment. It is somekind of intestinal virus. They need to run blood tests. So we were taken immediately to admission into the childrens ward. My first thought was how would they keep an active child in a hospital bed? Then i saw it. A giant crib with TV. Of course!

It has been a long afternoon. Alex had to endure getting an I.V. inserted at about 3pm. He hasn’t cried like that before. Poor kid. Then I had to watch him until he fell to sleep at about 340pm.

His grandfather went home to get some spare clothes, Alex computer tablet and some other things to occupy him during the stay.

My wife and I both stayed the night, taking turns to make sure Alex didnt pull the I.V from his wrist as he slept. Called my boss and told her that I won’t be able to work tomorrow. I have to take care Alex during the day. This time of year because of the school holidays taking extra time off is very annoying. My salary is going to suffer further. It is a nice slap in the face. But what can I do. Such is life.

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