August 17th, 2016 | Wandering & Skytowers

Kaohsiung’s Skytower in BG. Hospital on the left side.
Alexander looking the morning traffic.
Alex getting a morning wheelchair outing.
A Family Mart convenience store.

Broken Clouds, 39°C

Family Mart

After a fairly good sleep Alexander woke up at about 7am looking for his morning bottle feed. Then we went for a wheel chair stroll around the hospital and a brief excursion outside for some fresh air and morning sunlight.

Arriving back at 8am the doctor said tests came back for the stool sample and Alexander is improving. They should be able to discharge him Thursday evening or Friday morning. So that was good news. Then things can get back to ‘normal’.

In the 1st photo the hospital is on the left side. The reddish building. We are on the 9th floor, which the second floor down from the top of that building. In the background stands Kaohsiung’s tallest building, the Skytower. The skytower is 85 floors high. So it is refered to as the ’85 building’ by locals. It used to be the tallest in Taiwan until the Taipei 101 was built. And I believe designed by the same architect.

Alex was thirsty this morning. Had a second formula feed at 830 a.m. And at 845a.m. the day nurse brought him his medicine, Miyarisan. Miyarisan (discovered in Japan) is an antiflatulents containing the butyric acid bacteria (Miyairi bacteria) to keep the normal balance of intestinal bacteria.

At 10 a.m. Alex fell asleep in my arms as I watched the ‘Law & Order’ speech by U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump. It sounded quite good. Probably the most presidential sounding he has been. More of it and he will be the next president of the United States of America.

10:20 a.m. Dad arrived to watch Alexander sleep as I ducked down to the ‘Family Mart’ convenience store to grab a morning coffee. Family Mart is a Japanese convenience store chain. Basically the same as 7-Eleven which used to be an American convenience store chain that now too is japanese-owned. Taiwan has the highest density of convenience stores in the world. There is practically one on every corner.

The sun disappeared as rain clouds rolled in at 11a.m. Luckily we had gone downstairs to catch some morning sun rays before the rain came. It looks like it’s here to stay, off and on for the rest of the day. Not unusual for this time of year.

At 12:15 p.m. dad bought some congee for Alexander, something that he likes very much.

At 3:45pm the nursing staff had to adjust the IV drip insert because somehow Alex had managed to tamper with it and effectively stop the flow. So he had to endure a bit more discomfort. After taking him back to his bed and a few tears later he fell asleep at for about 20 mins. Woke up because we had to get a urine sample. DOH!

So between 430 p.m. and 530 p.m. I wandered aimlessly around floors pushing Alex in a childs wheelchair to pass time. But tonight I will go home. I need to have good sleep and leave early for work in the morning. Can’t afford to lose anymore work hours. My wife will take the day off tomorrow. Though she can’t afford to lose anymore work hours either. If they discharge Alex tomorrow they can both return home and relax. There’s no place like home! Let’s hope.

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