August 18th, 2016 | Be the Terminator

Moderate Rain, 29°C


Home sweet home. Oh my goodness, it was nice to wake in my own bed this morning after 3 days and 2 nights in the hospital. I just wanted to lay there forever in my Japanese memory foam bed. Like sleeping on a cloud, if that were possible.

However I had to set off to Tainan. Had work today. Good to get back into it. Left at around 830 a.m.

Of course there was some life drama today. But not mine, thankfully.

Halfway driving to Tainan I passed an accident scene. A car had turned right into a scooter going straight. An ambulance and police cruiser took up the intersection. A scooter rider lay on the road with paramedics checking to see what condition he was in. Police waved traffic past and questioned the bewildered car driver, another officer taking photos. I have seen many accident scenes in Taiwan. And even those events unfolding. A constant reminder of my own mortality. It does keep me on guard. The moment you allow your guard down, that’s the moment you will regret. Be vigilant. That’s the secret on the road.

Driving on the roads in Taiwan can be a very mentally draining exercise for those new to the roads. After a trip you can feel extremely drained and stressed. Regardless of the length of the ride. However after a while your brain gets conditioned for it and you can easily slip into ‘Terminator mode’. That’s what I call it. Your eyes are constantly scanning the road and your surroundings looking out for dangers as your body automatically brakes, accelerates, steers and stops your scooter. But if you decide to ignore ‘terminator mode’ and start to think “Hey no problemo.” BAM! Then it’s “Hasta la vista, baby.” You’re going to be the terminated yourself. That’s my advice. Be the Terminator.

7:30p.m. Arrived home tonight to find Alexander in his playroom. Oh how happy it was to see him at play, smiling and at home. I will stay home with him tomorrow. Give daycare a miss. I got some playtime to catch up with him. And he certainly deserves it.

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