August 20th, 2016 | The future’s so bright, I got to wear shades

Moderate Rain, 39°C

No. 113-155, Guanghua 2nd Road, Qianzhen District

Saturday. Clear blue sky as far as the eye can see. How wonderful. Weather is a very strange phenomenon. It was wild stormy lightning weather last night and now this morning not a cloud in sight.

So at 9 a.m. I decided to take Alexander with me on scooter ride around to several Parks to catch Pokemon. Kaohsiung has a lot of parks. Some small and some extremely big. It is actually a very lovely city to live in. It is well-balanced with buildings and nature. And being a harbor city. It also has the benefit of fresh ocean air. Kaohiung is also the sister city of Brisbane city in Australia.

Anyhow while we collected Pokemon my wife went to the hospital to retrieve a Hospital receipt for my mother-in-law’s life insurance claim. Hard to believe it’s now been two weeks since she passed away. Time just flies doesn’t it?

Alexander’s two Great aunties came to visit this morning. To check on Alexander and also go through some of Mom’s old clothes, perhaps to donate to charity. I’m not sure.

In the afternoon at about 3 o’clock went for afternoon stroll. Stopped for a little while in the courtyard of a neighboring building. Here it looked like Alex was doing some serious thinking, so I took this photograph as you can see.

Then we headed for Carrefour. I needed a new air filter for Alexander’s air conditioner and a pair of new sunglasses for myself.

Sunglasses and umbrellas are both two items that I’m hopeless at possessing for long periods. I usually lose them quite quickly within a matter of weeks or months. So I made it a habit never to buy expensive accessories. The last expensive sunglasses cost me $10000 NT which were Ray-Ban retro glasses. I’m not sure if I put them down and lost them or someone had stolen them, maybe both. Anyway never again. Cheap for me. But cheap doesn’t mean bad quality. I picked up a pair of German made sunglasses this afternoon for $199NT they have a UV rating of 400. When I put them on there was no tint at all, it was crystal clear yet the sunlight didnt bother me.

Sunlight really blinds my vision these days. I must wear sunglasses. My eyes are super sensive to bright sunlight. Never used to be. And the sunlight in Taiwan is quite bright. The UV is also very high some days. So high sometimes that the government weather bureau will issue a high UV alert and tell citizens not to go outside uncovered for more than 15 minutes. It never used to be that extreme before. The weather across the world is changing rapidly. Human beings may have damaged the planet too much with their industrialization or the weather is changing naturally, perhaps part of a giant cycle that is required to cleanse the earth. A new extinction event perhaps is in the works. Who knows.

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