August 22nd, 2016 | Butter & Brutality

My favorite Irish Butter
A bakers supply store
Alexander in his scooter chair.
Married With Children TV show.

Scattered Clouds, 37°C

No. 10, Ruiai Street, Qianzhen District


“Now you’re cooking with butter …” said a voluptuous voice on the phone into Al Bundy’s ear. Who laughed excitedly like a school boy.

That’s what was going through my head when I woke up this morning. A line of dialogue from a 90’s Television show called ‘Married With Children’. Which I thought was a great show. Many people hated it, especially the uptight ones. The show was rude, crude and upright honest about family life and life in general. It was so politically incorrect it was legendary. But it presented the reality of life in a comedic atmosphere. It presented the truth about who we generally are as people and families. All those real opinions and thoughts that only you thought you had about other people and life were true, but dared not say anything in case you alienated yourself.

The Bundys were that outlet. To speak your mind. It was bold and truthful. And very funny. Well, I thought so, anyway. They understood the secret of life. Laugh. The worse it gets the more you should step back and laugh. The key to survival as a human on earth. To quote a saying” Always look at the bright side of life”. Sometimes difficult to do, but can be done. Must be done, or you will go insane. Where there’s a negative, there’s a positive. That’s how the universe and all things in it work. Negative and Positive. Good and Bad. Yin and Yang. Together they equal balance.

If current U.S. Presidential candidate Donald Trump was a TV producer and made a TV comedy, he would have made a show like ‘Married with children’. The truth without all the protective padding and see the joke in it. As Lt. Frank Drebin of police squad said: “The truth hurts, not as much as sitting on a bicycle without a seat, but it hurts.” So you got to laugh.

Anyway getting back on track. I did need butter today. I had run out. But not just butter that I could pick up at Carrefour or Costco etc. I needed genuine good tasting butter that was above all, cheap. And from a great place, Ireland. How is that possible? In the middle of Asia? Luckily in Taiwan there are lots of budding chefs and Bakers. So there are a lot of specialty stores if you know where to look, that sell all the ingredients you need from all over the world. And cheap! They are a chef’s paradise.

So At 9 a.m. I was ready to go to the specialty cooks store. One was only 10 minutes away hidden behind a very busy intersection. So I got Alexander ready and put him on his scooter stroller. In Taiwan you can buy special strollers for children that convert into chairs that can be mounted onto a scooter. It is a very clever and convenient invention. It makes life so easy for people with young children who don’t have a car and need to get around without hassel and safely.

We arrived 10 minutes later to see a crowd of people waiting for the store’s roller door to open. I was a bit early. It opened at 930am. No worries.

In time I had my block of Irish butter. So great. Now I could return home and make breakfast.

10 a.m. After his milk feed Alexander likes a bit of lightly buttered toast with a smudge of a black yeast paste called Vegemite, which interestingly enough is a byproduct of the beer making process. But it’s not alcoholic. Vegemite was originally an Australian product and not well liked by some. Mostly because they don’t know how to consume it properly. You only use a bit on buttered toast or plain bread. Not like U.S. President Barack Obama. On march 8th, 2011 during talks with Australian Prime minister Julia Gillard, Obama described Vegemite as “horrible.” That’s because he didn’t follow the advice given and spread it on thick like peanut butter. What can I say. Presidents are fallible like everyone else.

While Alex had his Vegemite on toast I decided to have a fried egg, some bacon and a hash brown. All fried with my Irish butter. Oh, my goodness, so good.

So now it’s one more day with Alexander. On Tuesday he will go back into childcare. Hopefully after the drama he has been through this past week from his hospital stay, they will take extra caution. If he gets sick like that again … look out. I’m going to be very suspicious and start asking questions. Childcare means taking care of children. Right? Let’s hope so.

12:30 p.m. Alexander had Congee mixed with a dark Japanese seaweed paste, which is really highly nutritious. Thin crispy seaweed wafers are a common treat in Taiwan for children. It might sound unusual but in fact it is quite tasty and very good for your body. I wonder if it has anything to do with the longevity of Japanese.

You might have noticed that I mention Japan a lot. That is because Taiwan is greatly influenced by Japan and of course Taiwan was a former Japanese Prefecture prior to the Japanese surrender in World War II.

At the end of WWII the allies put Taiwan Prefecture under a temporary caretaker foreign government called the R.O.C (The original Republic of China government before the communists P.R.C took over modern China). Unfortunately the R.O.C was losing it’s civil war against Mao’s Peoples Republic of China. So the R.O.C who’s governing political party was called the KMT (Chinese Nationalist Party) looted the gold reserves and other goodies from China and fled to the safety of Taiwan and then occupied Taiwan under their R.O.C constitution and decades of brutal martial law, which began in 1949 and ended in 1987 after the death of KMT dictator president Chiang Kai-shek in 1985. Democratic reform was then introduced … slowly.

The KMTs occupation of Taiwan and their R.O.C government in exile was one of WWII’s major post war screw-ups. A screw-up which has been difficult for the Taiwanese to escape from to this very day. Instead of Taiwan being called “Taiwan” it has been held hostage to the KMTs “Republic of China” in exile government and constitution. And that’s how the sneaky Chinese in Beijing try to make their claim over Taiwan as part of China with the KMT on Taiwan as their cohorts. And that’s simply wrong and deceitful. Unfortunately China has such an economic and industrial clout in in the world these days that countries agree with them that Taiwan is part of China simply for the economic and industrial benefits.

Soon however in the next few years I believe the Taiwanese will have their chance to oust the occupation of the R.O.C and its manipulative Nationalist Party through Taiwan’s strengthening democratic process. Laying waste to China’s false claim. It already began this year when Taiwan’s democratic Progressive Party won a landslide victory in all branches of government. So don’t worry, the Taiwanese will claim back their beloved island nation, I have no doubt. But not without some violent opposition of course. Now that will certainly be an interesting few years in my future journals! Throw me a rifle, endless ammunition and a few other devices and I will stand beside my Taiwanese brothers and Sisters and give the occupiers and would be commie invaders hell. We shall see.

(In the photos today #1 Irish Butter #2 Inside part of the bakers store #3 Alex in his convertible stroller / scooter chair #4 Married With Children TV show characters.)

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