August 24th, 2016 | The unexpected extraction

Southern view from Kao Yao university bridge.

Few Clouds, 36°C

No. 41, Zhongshan South Road, Luzhu District


2:15 p.m. Arrived at my dental appointment a little early only to discover that I will have oral surgery to remove two teeth, not a root canal. Ay yah. Must of screwed up that translation! Okay, I thought no problem. A little nervous. But let’s do it.

230p p.m. The dentist gave me four separate injections. The last one pricked a bit, it was a larger needle too. But overall not too bad. Tolerable.

They placed a green surgical mat across my face, only exposing my mouth. perhaps also to prevent you from seeing those metallic tools and scalpels they were about to use. Oh the sight would probably freak me out. So I welcomed the surgical mat on my face.

I lay there for a while wondering when they were going to start. Suddenly. TING. I heard the sound of the 1st tooth dropping into a metallic bowl. Wholly cats, that was totally unexpected. He had already finished. About 5 minutes later I heard the 2nd tooth drop. Then it was up and out of the chair into the xray room to check if everything looked okay. No sneaky fragments left behind etc. Everything seemed fine.

Back in the chair I lay again. I felt a strange worm like touch on my face only to realize it was surgical thread. He was stitching up the gum where the two teeth had been extracted. I had an inner sigh of relief. It was finished. This guy was more efficient than I had anticipated.

3:00 pm. Of course now I felt nothing as I stood outside the dental clinic, next to my faithful scooter. However with the quantity of painkillers, antibiotics and anti-inflammatories issued to me in a nice tidy ziplock bag I should expect a few days of discomfort coming. Oh.

I then wondered if the injections and medicine I had taken would effect my driving ability. I waited a while and decided no problem. I wanted to get home before the effects of the anaesthetic wore off. Because I’m sure it will ache like hell and be a distraction to drive when it did.

So back to Kaohsiung. I arrived home at 530 p.m just as dad was stepping out to go and pick up Alexander from day care.

Straight to bed for me. Woke at 6pm. After rinsing out my mouth a few times and using the dental mouth wash things didn’t seem too bad. The gum bleeding had stopped and there was no pain, yet. So I swallowed my next round of painkillers and antibiotics and went to rest again.

9.18pm. Woke up and wrote this entry.

The photo today was taken on my way to Tainan. I had to climb a bridge that stretched over the road. It took a while to climb into the position but I have really wanted to take this photo for a while. So, just do it, I said. And I did. This is a view looking south toward Kaohsiung. Behind me is the border of Tainan. The bird like structure to the distant right side is a water tower. It is part of the northern Kaohsiung Science Park and the Kao Yan university of technology.

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