August 26th, 2016 | Hospital Break

Chia and Alex waiting at Pediatric ER
Another fever… ugh
Alexander drank it all in 2 minutes!
Waiting with Dad for test results.

Light Intensity Shower Rain, 36°C

Kaohsiung Chang Gung Memorial Hospital

Friday. 8 a.m.

Overcast with a bit of rain this morning. Dropped Alexander into daycare without any crying whatsoever. Over the past 3 days he seems to have finally adjusted to the Child care center, which is good because that means he knows it’s only temporary and also it means he trusts the people who care for him so that’s good news both ways.

They asked for a USB flash drive today. So I gave them a 32GB Toshiba drive. It’s supposed to be for photos of his time at the center. That will be an interesting addition to his photo collection.

8:40 a.m. Breakfast was a can of Ensure. I bought a carton of it after work yesterday. I couldn’t find mom’s strawberry flavour, only vanilla. But that was fine. I want my gums to heal quickly without any trouble. So I am avoiding having to chew anything, preventing any unwanted pain. Which fortunately I haven’t had, yet. Nice.

11:40 p.m. received an emergency call from my wife at work. Alex has a fever and I have to collect him from daycare. Oh brother not again.

11.50 pm. Collected Alexander from daycare and yes it felt like he was burning up. Took his temperature at home. 38.7 degrees celsius.

12.10 p.m. After my wife arrived home we jumped into a taxi and went straight to the main Children’s Hospital in Kaohsiung.

12:20 p.m.. Arrived at Children’s center but then had to race around to the other side to the Pediatric E.R. oh my goodness what a maze. I just followed my wife as a clutched my docile son in my arms, weaving in and out of buildings and corridors. Why they don’t have the Pediatric E.R. in.the children’s hospital instead of the general ER? It is beyond me. Dumbasses.

12:30 p.m. finally got him into the Pediatric ER. Doctors issued him some fever medicine and took a urine sample.

1:30 p.m. Thirsty. We were all thirsty, so down to the basement level foodhall and mini mall. Sat down in 7-11 to watch Alexander drink an entire 300ml drink of carrot and apple juice within two minutes. Wholly fruit juice, that was some thirsty child!

2:33 p.m. went outside to stand in the cool breeze blowing through the surrounding trees of a mini park outside the ER entrance. We needed to get away from people coughing and looking, well, sick.

4:00 pm. Finally got the test results from the urine sample. It is not the same virus as he had before. It’s more of a simple virus. One of those 24 hours things. Should be gone quickly. I hope so because I’m tired of going to hospitals.

4:10 p.m. Grabbed a taxi and headed back home.

4:30 pm. Alexander seems to be improving already. Busy playing with his toys and Tablet.

Time to take a rest. I’m done for today. But as the sun goes down and rises again, so does another day.

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