August 28th, 2016 | Ambidextrous Icecream

Mango shaved ice cream
Mum on skype looking at Alex.
Skyline around the cultural center.
Alexander after his bath.

Light Intensity Shower Rain, 29°C



6:00 am. Alexander slept well last night. Although woke me up early. He was feeling hungry and had a 230 ml bottle of formula feed. Then dozed off again. Climbed out of bed about 9am. We were planning to go out this morning to get some fresh fruit from the market and go for a little bit of a morning walk but the rain rolled in suddenly and postponed that idea until perhaps this afternoon.

11:54 a.m. Still unable to chew today so I am continuing with the Ensure drink that I bought as a nutritional supplement, which I don’t mind. It’s pretty good I must agree. Chia went downstairs and got herself some late breakfast at the corner breakfast bar and brought back some mango shaved ice. Nice!

12:00 pm. Skyped mum to about 1:40pm. For those of you who are reading this in the distant future, Skype is a video application used on the internet (an international network of millions of private home and business computers linked together by a web of server computers) to allow people to talk and see each other across the world. It is a very good way to keep in touch with your family if you are living abroad.

I usually Skype mum and dad in Australia on Sundays at 12 o’clock Taiwan time. There is a two-hour time difference. So it’s 2 o’clock in the afternoon in Brisbane, Australia. We usually like to catch up on all that’s happened in the past week.

Mum and Dad have been fixing up their kitchen this past week. Their house is an old hardwood house in Queensland, Australia. Over the past few years they have been restoring the house into its original condition. It is now looking very comfortable. Their washing machine also decided to kick the bucket this week. Nothing lasts. But they uncovered a washing machine that I had left behind 10 years ago, which was still in brand-new condition. It was a front loading ‘Whirlpool’ washing machine. So they installed it and it works great. Nice.

4:30p.m. Alexander, Chia and me went to the Cultural Center in the afternoon as the weather had cleared up. They have some nice Gardens there and also apparently there’s a lot of Pokemon to catch! Ha.

6:30 p.m. Back home again because the storm clouds rolled in yet again. What a rollercoaster weekend for weather. Alex needed to take his bath anyway. I noticed something too when Alex was playing in the bath. He could use his right hand exactly the same as his left hand when picking up a large plastic bowl, sinking it in the bathwater and then throwing a full bowl of water across me. As I sat there drip drying I was wondering if he may be ambidextrous, or is it too early to tell. I don’t know.

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