August 30th, 2016 | Willy Wonka Scooter

Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor
Scooter under repair.
The starter motor is dead.

Broken Clouds, 35°C

No. 180, Yixin 1st Road, Qianzhen District


845 a.m. One of my favorite comedy actors passed away today at the old age of 83. Actor Gene Wilder who was in films such as “Young Frankenstein”, ” Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory” and my favorite “Stir Crazy” in which he co-starred with another great comedian Richard Pryor. Gene always made me laugh, without failure.

The great blessing that actors have, although they may not think of it as such, is that they do become immoral. As the people who miss them we can always see them again, any time by watching one of their films. Film and photography capture life, and can hold it to time indefinite. You have captured time. It is a miracle in itself.

9:02 a.m. with my wife and father-in-law both now at work and Alexander in daycare, a fun-filled morning of cleaning the house lies ahead. But I do find cleaning oddly refreshing. It’s amazing what kind of deep thinking you can do when you’re cleaning. Although cleaning is not a physical break, I do think it is a bit of a mental break for a while.

12:57 p.m. I was planning on going to work early today. Then I got on my scooter, nothing happened. It was dead. Probably a flat battery so I had to push it to the motor bike repair shop. Thankfully there’s a regular shop I go to get my oil changed just around the corner.

1:15 p.m. . No it wasn’t a battery. It was the starter motor that had died and I needed it replaced pronto. The technician ordered in a new one from Kymco. It was delivered within 30 minutes and installed. Cost me $1700 NT. Ouch! Let’s hope that will last another five years. This was an expense I didn’t need right now. But on the bright side, had this happened somewhere between Kaohsiung and Tainan it would have been very bad. Stuck in the middle of nowhere is not my idea of a jolly good time.

230 p.m. filled the tank full of petrol and then set off to Tainan for work. Got my new schedule for September. Much better than this month. Glad summer is over. Good riddance.

8:30 p.m. Arrived home on time, which was surprising as I had decided to try a detour through a township called Gangshan on the way home. That got me lost for 15 minutes. It looked easy enough in the day, but night is a different story.

Alex was asleep when I arrived home. Chia had a bit of a cold, so she was already in bed. I decided to have a nice hot bowl of pumpkin soup and two pieces of buttered toast for dinner. Then it was a shower and off to bed.

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