September 3rd, 2016 | Coffee and Kilograms

Broken Clouds, 29°C

No. 68, Yingming 1st Road, Qianzhen District


6:30 a.m. Alexander woke me up. But he wasn’t hungry he just wanted to play with his toys. No problem.

7 a.m. time to give Alexander his morning feed bottle. 230ml of formula milk. We buy Australian made baby formula. Don’t have much trust in other countries, especially anything from China. The Chinese cut corners to save money and have in the recent past added artificial elements to bulk up their products. The “Tainted Milk Scandal” in 2008 caused the death and illness of more than 6200 babies in China. A chemical called Melamine that is used to make plastic was used to fake protein levels in milk. The authorities there have since cracked down on the illegal practice, but it still goes on. So for now any food products Made In China are made in hell.

8:30 a.m. Chia, Alexander and Dad all went together with Dad’s friend to Kenting in Pingtung County, Southern Taiwan to visit Alexander’s great-grandfather and great-grandmother.

11:00 a.m. had coffee and two donuts for breakfast. I have my own espresso coffee machine. I enjoy making my own coffee using fresh ground coffee. But I don’t drink straight black coffee, it’s too strong for me. I make a cappuccino actually. Love cappuccino.

11:30 Leave for Tainan. I have a class with my private student Mia at 2 p.m. But I will first go to the medical dispensary and grab some more Ensure. I found that I’ve lost a little bit of weight while drinking that, so I’d like to continue doing that as I’m too overweight at the Moment. I should be about 76 kilograms but I think I’m around about 89.5 kilograms. I was 94 kilograms before. Way too much. Yet when I was younger it was very difficult to gain weight. Now I’m trying to lose it, how peculiar.

2:00 p.m. arrived at Mia’s house. Today we continued to study Albert Einstein.

4:30 p.m.. Returning back home now. The weather has cleared. The rain is gone thank goodness. It was a nice smooth ride home all the way.

6:04 p.m. dropped by the little steak house again. I was famished. Decided to eat inside the restaurant. They serve the steak on a very hot Grill plate, along with a fried egg and some noodles. It is also served with a complimentary bowl of corn soup and a refill able cup of iced tea.

830 p.m. Alex took a while to put to sleep tonight Wanted to play with his toys. So let him play until it used up his extra energy. He gave up playing about 920 p.m. Good.

10 p.m. Too tired to stay awake any longer. Time to sleep.

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