September 12th, 2016 | Daipers and dummies.

One of my private students Murphy.
2015 Mercedes Benz convertable. The same car as an idiot used to race between traffic lights. Putz!


6:00 a.m. Alexander was up and about before me this morning. The sounds of “London bridge is falling down …” woke me as he pressed different buttons on one of his English language toys.

6:30 a.m. Alex had just finished his bottle feed and I needed to change his diaper. However on opening the little cupboard, mother Hubbard the cupboard was bare! So with Chia still asleep I put Alexander in his scooter chair and we both went to the 24 hour dollar store. Luckily they had the same brand diaper he usually wears. Although they were $50 more than we usually buy them for at the baby store. Damn. Had no choice, Alex was starting to smell…

8:00 a.m. After a diaper change and some fresh day clothes Alex was ready for daycare. And I was ready to go back to bed. I had some sleep to catch up on.

11:30 a.m. Set off to Tainan.

1:30 p.m. Arrived at work and prepared for today’s classes. I have two elementary classes today and 1 private student.

6:00 p.m. I had my weekly one-on-one class with Murphy. Murphy is quite a smart boy and his English is not too bad. He goes to the same private school as Mia. although they are in different grades, so they don’t know each other.

You might notice that Murphy’s school uniform resembles that of a sailor. This style is very typical in Taiwan. It is a traditional Japanese school dress style, introduced when Taiwan was part of Japan. The style remains today.

7:00 p.m. Finished work and headed off home to Kaohsiung. As I journeyed home a young guy, maybe 20 or so screamed past in a new Benz convertible (probably his father’s car). I just laughed to myself. These stupid guys. Why do they bother to speed along when they have a continuous row of traffic lights to stop them in their tracks. So we played a game of leap-frog all the way back to Kaohsiung. He would scream, zigzagging past me and other traffic and I would stop nearby him at the next traffic light. He’d zoom off again. And sure enough i would stop next to him at the following traffic lights. Eventually this guy wasn’t smiling and seemed to be trying to hide his face when I again pulled up beside him. Moron. Why waste so much money on such a machine in Taiwan. Where are you going to go? It’s an island with limited space holding the same population as Australia . Not a formula one race track. Putz.

830 p.m. Arrived home. The clear sky’s had gone again. Clouds were rolling in. A tropical storm was developing into a typhoon off the east coast. I think tomorrow we will start to see rain again. And perhaps Thursday another typhoon. We shall.see.

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