September 18th, 2016 | Sea shells

Alexander  poses  with a can of his mik powder .

Mum, Dad and Alexander on Skype.

At the Kaohsiung  Sea shell museum .

Broken Clouds, 36°C

805, Taiwan, Kaohsiung City, Qijin District, 中洲三路297巷3弄15號


6:00 a.m. Alexander woke to start playing in his room of toys. Didn’t demand his morning bottle feed, which was a change in routine. So I let him play on.

7:00 a.m. Decided it was long enough, time for Alexander to have his morning bottle. He drank it fast and then jumped off his bed, reached up to the top of the side table and grabbed the lid for the bottle. After a little effort he pushed the lid off the top of the bottle and set it down. Oh clever boy.

11:00 a.m. sat down with my morning coffee to watch the news on CNN. Some kind of drama is unfolding in Manhattan in New York. There has been an explosion and half of an improvised explosive device found in another location.

11:20 a.m. Mayor Bill de Blasio of New York City made a news confrence announcing that the explosion was an intentional act and that all agencies are on full alert. But they are not giving further details. There have been significant amount of people injured but nothing life-threatening.

12:30 pm. Skyped mum for 30 minutes because I had to meet my friends at 1:30 at Qijin Beach.

1:30 p.m. met my friends at the Cinjin Seaside shell Museum. Which has a huge collection of seashells from all over the world. I immediately recognized some I’ve seen on Australian beaches. Sure enough their location was marked as Australia. What a curiosity that even sea shells have their own distinct origins and that their shapes and colors are unique to their place of origin. It makes me wonder if in fact the crisis on different levels that our world suffers from is because we have shifted all of the species origins to places they were not ment to be in, including ourselves. Everything has its place in this universe. And it has its place for a good reason. To maintain balance. We have disrupted that balance to our own detriment.

9:30 p.m. Still no further developments as to what and why that explosion took place in Manhattan, New York today. I guess by the morning news tomorrow it will be revealed. Right now its time to relax with a Suntory cocktail. Kind of an alcoholic (3%) creaming soda from Japan. Good night!

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