September 20th, 2016 | Let’s Go!

Steamed rice with pork and ginger sauce.
Me with the authors of the “Let’s Go” children’s English learning series. B.Hoskins, R.Nakata and K.Frazier.
Some of the flash cards I use to teach English.
Back at our favorite little steak house. Doing a ‘Donald Trump thumbs up’ impersonation.

Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

7 a.m. Alexander woke looking for his morning milk feed. He also had one banana this morning. He does love his banana.

8 a.m. Dropped Alexander into daycare. He waved goodbye to us happily and walk ed into the daycare with his teacher. He has adjusted back to it very fast.

9 a.m. went back to bed and was knocked out immediately. I seem to be very tired this morning. Dad woke me up an hour later at 10 o’clock. He needed to borrow my scooter to go to the bank. He is taking the morning off to deposit money from mom’s funeral donations into a special account. I believe the custom is when people give money for funerals you’re supposed to put it into a special account and then use it to give in the future for someone else’s funeral. Something like that.

10 a.m Read in the morning news that they have captured the Manhattan bombing suspect. Some bar owner recognized him sleeping at the front door of his bar. This is a bad but very unusual story.

11:30 a.m. Dad has returned home and is now sleeping in the living room on his foldout deck chair. I guess he’s taking the day off work today.

1 p.m. Woke up from an unusual dream. I was in a small community center and sat down at a table. Across from me I saw actors Russell Crowe, Guy Pierce and Hugh Jackman plus another older man who could have been Jeff Bridges. And I had a female assistant with me who I think was actress Tao Okomoto. Anyhow after realizing who they were. I asked Jackman if it would be okay to get a selfie with them all. They agreed and then I said it would be cool if you were all in the same movie together. They agreed again. Then I said I was a writer and had a script that could use all of them.  They said no problem. But before I could explain any further  I woke up. Bugger! It was just a dream. Ha.

3 p.m. Arrived at work to have my afternoon tea of steamed rice with pork and ginger sauce. Nice.

5 p.m. Today is my young learners class broken up into two levels. A flash card level and a work book level. I use a lot of flashcards in my ESL teaching. It is a lot easier for children to remember words in a foreign language when I can associate it with a nice picture. I teach with a series of educational books called “Let’s go.” They are very old and well-developed series of teaching English as a second language to foreign students. I have actually met three of the four creators of this book series at a teaching seminar in Kaohsiung. They are a lovely bunch of educators. None of them live in Taiwan. Two are located in Japan and the other two are in the United States. So I was rather fortunate to be able to meet them all at the same time together.

8 p.m. Dropped into the 100 NT steak house. Will bring dinner home tonight. Alex should be asleep by the time I arrive home. So we can enjoy a nice dinner and a TV movie.


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