September 28th, 2016 | Teachers Day

A customer waits for his brunch order. I’m next!
Alexander watches Chibi Maruko after finishing his lunch.
The typhoon has gone but the rain remains.

6:00 a.m. woke to the sound of rain. The water has stopped dripping inside the bedroom thank goodness. It looks like it will be a very windy and rainy day. I read on the morning news that 4 people had died in the typhoon.

7:00 a.m. not a good time to run out of toilet paper. So I had to run out of the house to the to the 24-hour store to buy a new bag full. There is not much destruction outside compared to the previous typhoon, however there is a big mess of leaves that scatter all the roads from the trees. That will take some time to clean up. Other than that it wasn’t too bad in this area.

8:00 a.m. Chia told me she had a dream last night about her mom. She saw her mom’s face and her mom told her to go and visit her grandmother’s grave and sweep it. I’m not sure where her grandmother’s grave is … somewhere down south in the countryside. But we should follow it through somehow when we get a chance. Maybe there is a reason.

10:00 a.m. The rain has stopped briefly, so I went to the breakfast bar to get some toasted sandwiches, chips and drinks. When I arrived it suddenly hailed down rain again along with a flag snapping wind. That was close.

12:30 p.m. Alexander woke from his morning nap and I gave him his lunch, which wad of course homemade congee. And I made myself a cappuccino coffee. The weather is cloudy but the rain seems to have gone for now. There are still occasional blasts of wind but they are very irregular.

2p.m. After a brief interlude the rain has returned this time coming from the south with strong winds what a pain in the ass. The water that was leaking into Alexanders bedroom has only just dried up. I just hope it doesn’t start again.

8 p.m. Still raining, although the winds have gone now. I just realized that today is “teacher’s day” in Taiwan.

In Taiwan this day is used to honor teachers contributions to their own students and to society in general. People often express their gratitude by giving them a gift or a card. The date of teachers day in Taiwan was chosen because it’s Confucius birthday, who is deemed a master educator.

In addition local education institutes and civil officers award certain teachers for the excellence and positive influence on society.

10:00 p.m. Every one is asleep now, except me. Just sitting in bed listening to the cold rain pelting against the window glass and thinking about my mother-in-law and her cooking. She was a great cook. The cold rain reminded me if her. Why? She usually cooked a lovely warm meal on cold nights. Wow miss that food. Miss that lady. Isn’t it strange that after a person dies, in time it seems like they were in some dream you had. Their physical reality has ceased to exist. All you have are memories. Your memories keep them in a virtual existence. And memories are chemicals and electrical signals. So what if we could duplicate those chemicals and electrical signals and store them indefinitely somehow in a machine. Or even further store all our personal collective memories which creates our consciousness (let’s call it a memory construct) into a machine and once our body becomes obsolete, have that construct placed into a young cloned body of ourselves. Would that make us immortal?  I wonder.

11 p.m Thunder and lightning has begun. Looks like tomorrow is going to be wet too. Time to sleep.


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