October 8th, 2016 | The Black Dog

My old home in Tainan. I was on the 10th floor. Great views.
Raining again.

Saturday. Rain. 25°c.

Kaohsiung. Taiwan.

7:00 a.m. It’s raining again. This time for a good reason. There’s another typhoon that passed under Taiwan yesterday called Typhoon Aere. Although it missed Taiwan it still pulled a lot of rain behind it . Which is what we are experiencing now and probably through the entire weekend. Thankfully last night I bought a new but reasonably priced raincoat with separate Pants and Jacket to keep me nice and dry and to give me more freedom. Those long rain coats offer no freedom riding, you trip over the damn things sometimes when you have to walk and if there is a strong wind when you’re riding a scooter they blow up exposing the lower part of your body to the wind and rain. So goodbye old long raincoat, hello new rain suit.

7:30 a.m. morning feed time for Alexander. He kept me up a lot last night, randomly crying, moving around in bed trying to get comfortable. This morning he had a runny nose. He might have to go to see a doctor if this cough continues. No doubt an ailment that he has picked up from the daycare center yet again. Thank you very much.

1030 a.m. Leave early for Tainan today. It’s rainy, so I’ll need to go slowly.

1230 p.m. Arrive Tainan. New rain clothes work well. Dry as a bone. Went to medical store in my old neighbourhood. Got 2 cans if Ensure. 1 is for lunch!

100 p.m. Dropped by RT Mart and updated my address to Kaohsiung. RT Mart is a Taiwanese version of Carrefour. I used to shop exclusively at RT Mart before when I lived in Tainan and before that in Taipei. But I changed to Carrefour, mostly because of convenience. Carrefour is only a few minutes walk from home now.

251 p.m. Arrived at Mias. She was already waiting in the lobby. Was I late? No she was waiting for photo copies of the magazine she needs to study today. Last week she came third in Chinese public speaking competition. Nice one.

During a conversation today we were talking about things that scare you. Mia recounted the memories she had when she was five years old playing on the school oval with her friends when a large black dog chased her. Since that time she has been afraid of animals. She especially doesn’t like dogs or cats. She also doesn’t like insects. Interesting what effects childhood events have on us as we grow up.

7:00 p.m. Arrived home to find Alexander already asleep. He was taken to the doctor today. He has a persistent chest cough. I guess the medicine he was given  has made him sleepy. Hopefully he can get a good nights rest.

As for me, I didn’t actually finish my Superman II movie last night. I got too tired and fell asleep. So I will now finish it with a cup of tea and some crisps.


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