October 18th, 2016 | Water bowsers and brown trousers.

Time to do the weekly drinking water run. Ikea trolley and 20 litre container.
At a drinking water station. $10 (30 u.s. cents) for 20 liters. Same process as bottled water from the store. Except you bottle it yourself! Makes you realize how much of a scam commerial bottled water is.

Kaohsiung. Taiwan.

Tuesday. Cloudy. 28°c.

8:00 a.m. Alexander went to daycare. At the moment he seems bright and healthy. I hope he stays that way for a good while. Chia still has an annoying constant cough. I’ve told her to go get a chest xray at the hospital. But so far she has not done so. What’s that saying: “You can drag a horse to water, but can’t make it drink.”? Something like that.

8:30 a.m. Filled up the bathtub with water this morning incase there is no supply tonight.Around two thirds of Kaohsiung’s 38 district will get no water supply or see water pressure on their taps decrease for 23 hours starting tonight. Some 190,000 households are expected to be affected.Why? The Taiwan Water Corporation has said that due to construction work along the Kaoping River, which provides water to the districts, the water supply will be disrupted between 8 p.m. Tuesday and 7 p.m. Wednesday. So, I’m already prepared.

Incidentally this is not drinking water. We get our drinking water from ‘water stations’. Most areas in southern Taiwan have water stations. Commerial pumping stations for clean filtered water. 20 litres of drinking water will cost $10NT. (30 cents in USD) The stations have a water bowser like you would see at a gas station (petrol station). They are located conveniently in most neighborhoods. And it is a lot cheaper than buying bottled water at the supermarket or convience store. Even though the process for purification is the same. $10 for 20 liters at a water station verses $20 for 900 ml bottled water at a convenience store. It doesn’t take Einstein to figure that one out! Grab a trolley with a 20 litre container and go for a 40 second walk. Done!

11:30 a.m. Decided to have an early lunch. Scramble eggs and hotdogs. Yum! Not very healthy I guess, but they’re quick to prepare and cheap. They taste good too.

1:00 p.m. ~ 2:00 p.m. Nap time.

2:30 p.m.~ 4:00 p.m. Scooter to Tainan. Drove rather slow today. The air has cleared up and the sun not too bright. So I decided to enjoy the scenary and open road.

5:00 p.m. ~ 630 p.m. Young learners class. Again a similar lesson to yesterdays class of singular and plural nouns. But very basic. Flashcards and games. But got a nasty surprise as class finished. One of the kids had decided to go to the bathroom, without going to the bathroom. What a stench! Thankfully one of the Taiwanese teachers delt with it. My job was to spray the classroom with air freshener before I closed up the classroom for the day. And disinfect all table surfaces with a 75% alcohol spray solution. Just incase the offending kid touched multiple surfaces with unclean hands. You never know. When it comes to hygiene I don’t take risks.

7:00 pm ~ 8:30 p.m. Headed back home to Kaohsiung.

Alexander was asleep when I got home. Must of been a big day for him too. The water supply hadn’t been cut off yet, so I quickly grabbed a hot shower.

10:30 p.m. Tired tonight. Time for bed.


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