October 20th, 2016 | Final Debates & ABCs

Hillary Clinton verses Donald Trump
Alex helps lay the ABC cards onthe floor.
Those big brown eyes.

Kaohsiung. Taiwan.
Thursday. Overcast. 26°c.

7:00 a.m. Woke up to a grey cloudy day. It seemed it might be drizzling outside, it was dark enough. But no, not yet anyway. Alex was ready to play as usual and as he did I made a cup of tea. Ahh I like a fresh hot cup of milk tea in the morning. Seems to get the cogs going.

Spent 30 minutes with Alex going through his ABC flashcards. He helped me lay them out on the floor. Not alphabetical  order though. But still he got general idea. Clever boy.

830 a.m. Dropped Alex into daycare.

9:00 a.m.~ 11:00 a.m. Today CNN hosted the last U.S.Presidential debates. Americans go to the polling booths in 3 weeks time to.chose the next President of the United States. It was quite like a knife edge to watch today. The two candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton both gave each other a good fight. Donald was less rattled by Hillary this time. And Hillary was more rattled by Donald this time. I would say most American undecided voters will be dissolutioned by now as to who to support. They are both polarizing figures I think. They both have their good points and both have their bad. Probably what needs to happen is something incredibly character destroying to one of them for it to be a landslide in either direction. Still 3 weeks to go, so I’m sure both parties are digging for dirt on the other. See what happens I guess.

3:30 p.m. Cancelled class. Alex has temperature. So needed to collect him. Chia and Dad were already at work.

5:00 p.m. Gave Alexander warm bath. Put him to bed early tonight. Seemed much better by the evening. Thank goodness.

Raining off and on tonight. Typhoon Haima, which is currently located south off Taiwan is most likely the reason for the burst of wet weather.


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