November 2nd, 2016 | Clear Skies again

Clear blue sky on a warm sunny afternoon in Tainan. (Tainan private girls highschool running track).

Tainan, Taiwan.

Wednesday. 25°. Fine.

12:39 p.m. I seemed to have been too busy and pre-occupied setting up a small mail order electronics business that I want to help supplement my income, which is too low. So in the past two days I’ve been doing a lot of running around with no time to record my journal. My bad. But nothing dramatic as expired in that time.

Today is quite a lovely sunny and blue sky  day. Soothingly warm with a cool breeze. Just my cuppa tea kind a day.

Yesterday Alexander started a new class in his daycare. He is now mid level. And he hasn’t adjusted to it yet. This morning when we took him to class he was resistant going in. It’s in a different area and with new teachers. There was only one other student there, another boy his age. Who seems just as stressed. Hopefully they can get along together and share the burden of their worry through play and fun.

2:00 p.m. Time for my grade 2 elementary class. Today they will be learning about WH questions: What, Where and Why. The interesting thing about English and Chinese in regards to questions in that in Chinese the question word is at the end of a sentence. Whereas in English our question word is at the beginning. An example: (English) What is that? (Chinese) That is what? Sounds funny, but what is funnier is that because I have lived in Taiwan for so long that sometimes I will accidentally speak ‘Chinglish’ too!

7:00 p.m. Dropped into electronics components store on way home to grab a few extra things I need to complete some Activity Kits I’m designing for kids wanting to experiment in electronics.

830 p.m. Had to goto baby store and grab some more formula milk for Alexander.

845 p.m. Finally home again.


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