November 15, 2016 | Laundry Duty

Kaohsiung. Taiwan.

Tuesday. 26°c. Smoggy.

Damn. That smog is back again. A lot heavier than last time. Which was about a month ago. Hopefully overnight winds will blow it away and clear things up for Wednesday.

10 p.m. Haven’t had much of a chance to fill in the journal today. Got some time now as I watch the laundry tumble around in the clothes dryer. Actually it’s Chias laundry, not mine. She hasn’t been able to do hers, so Im dealing with it. I don’t mind. I like to escape to the laundromat once in a while. Just sit there and do sweet nothing. Ha.

Teacher Michelle returned to our school today. Michelle is the bilingual Taiwanese English teacher at our school. She had resigned a few months ago due to.pressure from her newly acquired parent in-laws. They want her to stay home and be the diligent homemaker and provide some grandkids. Very old fashioned family unit. Glad i’m not in that kind of situation. Anyhow she’s managed to escape the traditional shackles at least for now. So she’ll be sharing the teaching load with me again on Tuesday. Nice.

Alexander seems all good and well again. Though he still kicked up a storm when he realized he was going into the daycare classroom he doesnt like this morning. Hmmm. Hope this is only a phase and not highlighting something more unpleasant.

Oh, the dryer has stopped. Time to unload and take home. 


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