November 20th, 2016 | It’s starting to look a lot like Christmas.

At 7:30 a.m. Alexander is diving into his English language learning pad. It also teaches Mandarin. I won’t say Chinese as Chinese in general has multiple dialectics. The most commonly spoken and learned is Mandarin. Other dialectics include Hakka, Min, Wu, Cantonese (HongKong and Macau) and Hokkien (Taiwanese).

Alexander coming down the slide in the community play center.
A view inside the community play center.
After 3 days of toil the display suddenly came to life.
Sitting in a Christmas garden.
Chia and Alexander.
Dream Mall main entrance.
Christmas bridge.

Kaohsiung. Taiwan.

Sunday. Overcast. 26°c.

730 a.m. Woke to some unusal song this morning. I felt like I was in India. Alexander had risen earlier and was watching some children’s singing video on his Samsung Tablet. It was in Hindi. Ha, what a curious boy. Actually even though I had no idea what was being sung it still sounded good and had a charming melody.

After finishing his music video he picked up a learning pad and started pressing buttons to hear words of different objects in English. 

How fortunately children today are able to have instant acess to other cultures and languages across the world. The world will be an interesting place in 20 years time when these new generations start to influence society in general.

12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m. Skype with mum. Only an hour today. They still got a bit of catching up to do since returning from their cruise. Got the latest news. Wendy’s baby is a boy. Due in about 4  weeks. Eletha has gone Looney tunes, again. Lawrey is doing fine and working hard. 

2:30 p.m. After his midday nap we took Alexander to a community play center on the 2nd floor.of our.apartment building. It’s conveniently next to.his daycare center. We hope to spend a bitof his energy. However I think it used more of our energy keeping up with him!

5:00 p.m. A eureka moment. It works. The damn thing works. After 3 days of trying to decode a 7 segment display I decided to swap the component with another variety, an anode with a cathode and suddenly it came to life. There you go, persistence pays off.

6:00 p.m. After a bath and some dinner we took Alexander to see the Christmas displays at the local shopping mall called ‘Dream Mall’. I don’t think Alexander had ever seen so many lights before. So he was quite busy looking around.

7:30 p.m. Time to return home and put Alexander to bed. 

8:00 p.m. Snack time and a movie. Although we’ve seen it before. We watched it again. The Hunger Games: Mocking Jay part 2. The last one in the hunger games saga.


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