November 25th, 2016 | A month to go.

A pic of the electronics kit I have developed.

Kaohsiung Taiwan.

Friday. 22°c. Scattered clouds.

7:00 a.m. Wow, a few more weeks it’s Christmas and then new years 2017. A year in which much has happened as I’m sure has with everyone. Apart from one sad event of mom’s passing everything else has been pretty good. Let’s hope this continues and strengthens for 2017.

11:30 a.m. Went to my local bank to set up an internet banking account linked to my passbook so I can collect money from an ecommerce payment system called Paypal. Well it got done, but after returning home to do my part and link my online banking with paypal it said no,no,no, doesnt match etc. oh brother. 

Then had an.idea. My younger brother who I like to call Bob was a big fan of Ebay a while ago. Maybe he could help. Sure enough after making contact with him he was able to assist me in my woes and got me setup to sell my wares. Thankyou brother Bob. Your priceless.

3 p.m to 5p.m. Spent the afternoon creating my merchandise listing on eBay.

5:00 p.m. Picked up Alexander from daycare. Love it when I’m waiting there and he sees me through the window and starts running towards the door. Then I pick him up and he starts chatting away. It’s lovely to be a dad. Those small moments are everything.

6:00 p.m. Gave Alexander his bubble bath and fed him some fresh papaya. It’s in season now in Taiwan. And its cheap and good to eat.

8:00 p.m. After Chia arrived home I had to go and get some more formula milk. Then dropped by the local fried food shop to grab us some dinner. While I was waiting the frycook who is a friend of my dad (father-in-law) told me she has a friend who was wondering if we would be interested in putting Alex into children’s TV commercials. I said “Of course!” immediately. So she will let her friend know and see what can be arranged.

11:59 p.m. In about 1 minute I will list my electronics product on eBay Australia thanks to the assistance of my younger but awefully clever brother, who in the past has been a bit of an ebay guru in my eyes. Hopefully within the next 10 days I will sell my first product. Fingers crossed as they say.


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