November 26th, 2016

Tainan, Taiwan.

Saturday. Overcast. 28°. 

215 p.m. Have just sat down in the lobby of Mias home. Didn’t have class with her last Saturday because of a school rehearsal she needed to attend. Last time we finished the story about Huckleberry Fin. Curious as to what great masterpiece we will study next.

Before I stepped into the main entrance of her building I recognized a teacher I had worked with years ago in Tainan called John walking down the street. He didn’t see me and thats fine. But wow he has lost a lot of weight. I’m jealous. ha!

2:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. Today Mia needed to review her five competition stories and also write a short story based on a list of words in one of her text books. So I gave her some suggestions of story ideas based on the vocabulary and taught how to put it all together. She did fairly well and got the story she needed.
4:45pm headed back to Kaohsiung. But my goodness that was a difficult ride home. I had to constantly focus on driving as I felt extremely tired. I stopped several times to take a break. So it took me a little longer than normal to get home.

7p.m. Going to bed earlier tonight. I’m too tired. Also tomorrow is chia’s grandfather’s birthday. We will be leaving at 10am to.visit him in the northern area.

So, I’m done.


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