November 29th, 2016

Tainan. Taiwan.

Cloudy. 26°c.

7 p.m. Only just had some time to catch up on my journal. Have stopped to have my dinner in a large convenient store next to the boardee bridge between Tainan and Kaohsiung county. 

By the time I get home I will feel too tired to eat or be bothered to go out again and get something. So I’m taking a break on the way home. Eating some stewed pork with steamed rice and vgetables. 

Payday tomorrow. Yahoo. It’s about time. These past few weeks seemed to have dragged on and the bills are pilling up. Still watching my online sales of my electronics kit. Over 70 people have clicked to have a look. But nobuyers yet. I think perhaps my sale price of $29AUD might be slightly high. If there are no sales by the end of the listing period I will relist a few bucks cheaper. See if there is a difference. I listed it for 10 days, just incase.

Alexander is well and Chia. I didn’t get to speak to mum long this past Sunday due to granddads birthday. I enjoy my Sunday talks with mum. It’s always been a good way to ground myself and catch up what’s happening elsewhere.

7:20 p.m. Finished my meal. Time to get back on my metal mule and head home.

8:40 p.m. So much for not wanting to go out when I arrive home. My wife is hungry and wants some fried food. (Street Vendor Taiwanese junk food). Fried food in Taiwan is very popular and tasty but not too good for your health if you have too much. You pick up samples of what you want to fry and place in a basket. Then the cook adds to the basket and fries it all up with some vegetables and garlic if you choose. You can add salt and spices if you want as well. Its placed in a paper bag with several long kebab sticks and bundled together in a plastic carry bag to take away. Yum. But fattening. Ha.


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