December 1st, 2016

3pm scooter traffic outside the main city.


1st day of December. the year almost gone. on the road again to work. in mid city traffic at the moment. busy afternoon. the air is clear. sky blue, afternoon sun casting its 3 oclock shadow across the scenery. and there is a plesant afternokn breeze. hmm. 

630 p.m.On the way home. tbe weathe has changed. Very cool now and windy. Good thing I had two jackets. One I wear in the classroom and my scooter jacket. Not for warmth, but wind shear. Its the wind that can freeze you, not so much the temperature.

8p.m. Going to drop by the electronics shop on the way home to price a different kit that I will advertise on Ebay alongside my beginners kit. It will be a general pack for the more experienced who seek common parts in more quanities. I need to cover many different buyer senarios in  order to get customers.


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