December 19th, 2016 

Alexander tries out his new slide.
Danny, one of my 4th grade students show his Christmas card.

Kaohsiung, Taiwan.


7:30 a.m. Busy weekend. Had no time to do my journal. Right now as Alexander drinks his morning bottle feed I’m going to do a brief recap.

On Saturday I stopped by the wholesaler on my way to Mia’s class in Tainan. I was able to negotiate some cheap purchases of LEDs, Jumper wire, 9 volt battery clips and 3 volt battery cases. Which was great. But what I also wanted was Resistors. However they only had a few of a different variety and not the ones I was searching for. So will need to find another supplier for that.

At Mias class we studied the biography of Benjamin Franklin. The guy who discovered lightning was electricity (hello like it isn’t obvious) by flying a kite into the clouds with a metal key attached to the string and a glass jar designed like a battery to hold the charge. What was interesting was he only did two years of Elementary school and then had to work as a printers apprentice for 7 years (child labor we would call it today).

Yesterday Chia sold Alexander’s play house set. He’s getting a bit big for it. After selling it online and boxing it up for posting we went shopping and got him a new toy. A children’s slippery slide. During the shopping process I Skyped mum for a while as we walked through the shopping mall. There was a hail storm going on at Mums house. Wow weird weather. They will visit Wendy in the afternoon to see her new baby.

And that’s the basics.

8:15 a.m. Breakfast at a breakfast shop next to the children’s Clinic.

8:35 a.m. Children’s Clinic. Need a check up on Alexander’s chest cough. Chia also has a bit of a cold. Luckily I’m fine, for now.

10 a.m. Took a walk to the local post office with Chia and Alexander. I pulled along an Ikea trolley loaded with a large box. Inside was Alexander’s play house. He’s too big for it now and it is still in good nick.So now it has new owner in Tainan.

12:00 p.m. Set off to work. Nice clear blue skies today. Sunny, but cool.

2:00 p.m. to  6pm  Elementary classes grade 2 and then Grade 4. In Grade 4 towards the end of the lesson we made some Christmas cards for them to give to their parents. Kids always love to do art and craft. And gets them into good spirits.

6:30 After waiting for my final student tonight it turned out that he wasn’t feeling well and so his class has been rescheduled to Wednesday 6p.m. to 7p.m.. Time to go home.


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