February 12th, 2017 | Lazy Sunday

Alexander has a snack while we wait for the main course.
Alexander has a snack while we wait for the main course.
“If you don’t like duck, well you’re rather stuck” ~ John Cleese (Faulty Towers).
A family gathering for dinner.

Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

8:30 a.m. slept in this morning. Too cold today. Better to stay under the blankets I think. But Alexander had other plans. Everyday is Play Day.

10:30 a.m. took a ride to the local flea market. It’s about 15 minutes away, maybe less. Looking for some unusual artifacts that we can sell on eBay. And I did find one. An old framed wall certificate for a returned veteran of the Chinese Civil War. A war between the nationalists and the Communists. The Communist Won of course and the nationalists fled to the safe haven of Japanese Taiwan until they took control of it from in Japanese as the war ended. So the certificate we found at the flea  market belongs to one of those nationalist soldiers that fled China for Taiwan and spent the rest of his life here in guess in Taiwan. That means it would have been issued sometime in the nineteen-forties. It will be interesting to see how much money it will raise on eBay in an auction. Some war fantatic has got to want it to keep history alive.

12:00 p.m. Skype with Mum and Dad. They are experiencing a bad heat wave in Australia at the moment. Temperatures are in the mid 40’s. As hot as hell some would say. Luckily they have a decent air conditioning system otherwise it would be unbearable. We discussed their plans to visit us in Taiwan this year toward the end of April. They will stay for a little over two weeks. They won’t be disappointed. It will be a total escape from western society. Mum has been here before, but not Dad. So it will be exciting to see him take in a completely different ‘world’. For me, travelling around the world and experiencing different societies is truely mind altering. It’s kind of a wake up call that we have this huge planetary home and vast human family spread across it, yet most of us only dwell in a fraction of it. Earth and its inhabitants are an amazing custer of life in a vast universe that as of yet has no other equal.

6:00 p.m. had dinner out with the maternal family near the 85 building. Not sure what the function was for, maybe just an annual get together before the end of the lunar new year. I didn’t mind, free food!

On the menu was peking duck, king pawns, omlets, bbq pork, roast chicken, steamed fish and my favorite honey cashew chicken. Yes, it wasn’t too bad at all. Alexander ate a lot too. Good boy!


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