February 14th, 2017 | Ringing Arrival

Kaohsiung, Taiwan.


Tuesday  11pm

Took Alexander to his daycare class this morning at eight o’clock and then had to go to Carrefour to get some cat food. Had lunch with Chia then headed off to work in Tainan for a 5pm to 630pm shift. Arrived back home, checked my online shop and then decided its time to update my chronicals. A Pretty plain day I would say. Except for the ringing.

I have had a ringing sound in my ears off an on for a few months now. But starting last night and all through today it has decided to ring continuously, even as I write this entry. It’s not a loud annoying ringing sound, but it is constantly buzzing and its hard to describe. It is as if the ringing sound is somewhere around my inner ears, on both sides. The odd thing is I can hear perfectly clear, just with is continuous high pitch ‘electrical cicada’ noise hanging there. Something I guess has broken down. Perhaps nerve failure of some sort? I have no idea. Is this my youth starting to escape me? First my eyes lose their ability to read close up and now this sound in my ears. Oh brother. I feel like a 28 year old with some malfunctioning parts. Too bad I am not a robot because it would go straight in for a service and get the damn things repaired. Just like that robot Robin Williams played in the film ‘Bicentennial Man’, which I might add was really quite a lovely film.

Speaking of films, yesterday Chia took the afternoon off and we went to see a movie after lunch before picking up Alexander in the afternoon. We went to see a film about an alien arrival on earth that was quite different and refreshing from previous Aliens coming to earth films. I really liked this one. It was called “Arrival”. And I do believe probably would be a realistic way we would encounter and deal with visitors from another world. If you have a chance, please go see it. It was a very interesting, never boring, nor upsetting film. It gets you thinking about things.

Maybe that’s what the buzzing is. I’m actually an Alien and this damn body I hired to roam the earth in is defective. Blast. Take me to your leader, I want an upgrade please.


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