February 16th, 2017 

The beginnings of processing an order for a high school.

A small Tainan warehouse of electronic components that I regularly plunder.

Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

Thursday. 18°c. Clear blue  skies.

4:50 p.m. about to start my young learners class is in about 10 minutes. Today has been fine all day with nice warm sunshine. Had some good news regarding my online store yesterday that I hope will follow through. A high school in New South Wales Australia has inquired about acquiring 20 sets of my kit number one. So we have sent them a discount to see if they will follow through with the order. Which means I will be busy over the weekend putting together this order just in case they go through with it. It would be very nice indeed if that happened. If not I will be able to sell the product somewhere else so it’s a win-win. But as the song goes… “wouldn’t it be lovely.” if the high school order is confirmed.

Alexander will have class tomorrow and Saturday as well. Because they have a public holiday coming up that falls on a Friday the following week, so usually in Taiwan if that happens they will work the Saturday before to make up for lost productivity. I don’t totally agree with that system but that’s that.


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