February 18th, 2017 | Assembly Lines

The mini assembly line. KIT No.1 Circuit 1.

Putting my past military training regimentation into practice with my kit assembly line. Ha! Attention troops!

12:17 p.m. Sitting at a coffee shop near Chia’s office. There is Hawaiian music playing over the shop speakers, I feel like I’m on vacation. But Alias, this is a business luncheon. We need to discuss sales tactics for the Electronics business. There are some big fish swimming around and we want to make sure we can catch them and feed them if we do. Ha!

Some good news. The high school in Australia is still interested in us supplying them with electronic kits. They placed and paid for a sample Kit yesterday, which I shipped off last night express post with a fresh 2nd edition of the instruction manual. One step closer to catching the 1st big fish, and like a good fishermen we need to wait patiently and lure this biter in. Once we secure our first school I would say things could snowball fast once word spreads throughout the Aussie education system in their neck of the woods, which is Sydney. Sure some schools already have good systems and suppliers in place, but nothing as simplified and fun to use as my product. Even I enjoy opening up the book and trying one of my own circuits, which is all new to me everytime because I am so forgetful! Ha.

Anyway we shall see.


2 thoughts on “February 18th, 2017 | Assembly Lines

  1. HI! I understand you are an ESl still, right? I am actually thinking of becoming one myself in Taiwan, that’s why I have been following your blog for a while. I am still in college getting my GED, but I was wondering what type of program you go through to teach, and also where you might think are the best places to teach ESL? Any ideas?
    G. Marino


    1. Hi and thanks for following. To answer your question regarding teaching ESL in Taiwan, all that is required is a BA in any discipline. This is usually standard for many who want to come here for a working holiday. Thought it would be more working than a holiday. lol. ALot to cover regarding this subject. I suggest reading a few former teacher blogs on whats what. Here’s a fairly standard one: https://toshuo.com/2005/the-lowdown-on-teaching-english-in-taiwan. If you want a proper legit school (that my student Mia attends) that pays quite well try this one in Tainan :
      Catholic Pao-Jen Primary School
      寶仁小學. (https://goo.gl/maps/UWRQFu56Bjv) or a government sponsored school: Bao AI: http://www.paes.tn.edu.tw/

      And Keep on studying. You can do it!


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