February 20th, 2017 | Spring

Kaohsiung, Taiwan. 25C.

8:00 a.m. After putting Alexander into daycare I had to scoot off and grab some cat food. The felines at home are getting testy. There is a total of six. Three adults. Three kittens. We have already given away three kittens, but there is still way too many for me. Hell, one is enough. But Chia is too sentimental about them and doesn’t seem to want to deal with their rehousing. It must be giving her a headache as they are going through a 1.5kg bag of dried cat food every two days. It’s insane. And the cat litter is no different. I refuse to pay for those costs. They are not my pets. So she needs to cover it. Thankfully I chose two birds as my home pets. They are very low maintenance creatures and eat considerably less. I feed them once a day and check their water supply. A 1kg bag of bird seed for budgies costs only a few dollars and last me a good month. If you want a pet that is no trouble, get a budgie. And if you have extra time you can train them to talk and be your bird on the shoulder if you want to be a pirate. Ha.

9:00 am to 11am. Had to print out 20 copies of the Kit No1 manual. I think the printer was about to explode after I finished. I have to seriously invest in getting a more heavy-duty printer later that can handle large orders  without a sweat.

12 p.m. Time to head off to Tainan for my back to school classes. It appears Spring is here after a week of rather very cold winter temperatures. Today feels a little like a mild summer day. Suddenly I have to throw off my new winter jacket that I only just bought and put back into action my wardrobe of shorts and a T-Shirts. Weird. But its nice to cruise down the highway in a T-Shirt and shorts in the warm sun, the wind in flowing across your body and nice clear blue skies and fresh air. Ah, it doesn’t get better than that for a great trip to work.

2p.m. Elementry class grade 2. Back to school and all the old, but young familiar faces return for a new school year. And the good thing is that we have known each other since they left kindergarten so like its like coming home to family in a way. I like that.

3:30 to 4:20 pm I had bought Chia’s laptop computer to work with me to work on developing some more of my Kit No3. But it was in vain. I was suddenly too tired and I needed some sleep. So I grabbed my memory foam pillow, and put my head down. WOw I must of been tried. I was out in a second and I woke to the sounds of two students laughing next to me, prodding me. “Teacher, wake up.”. It was 8 minutes before class time and I snapped awake, raced to the kitchen and grabbed a cup of hot milk tea. Ahhh, that was well worth the nap. I felt much more alive. Amazing what a nap and cup of tea can do.

4:30 p.m to 6pm Elementary class grade 4. The two girls who had prodded me to wake up we were diligently now writing down todays lesson I had written on the whiteboard. Todays subject: Birthdays, Months of the year and ordinal numbers.

745 pm. Arrived back in Kaohsiung. Monday is done.


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