March 17th 2017 | The Mighty Kong

King Kong is much bigger in this new reboot, because size does matter. lol.

A whole week has run away from me before I have had a chance to chronicle the events of any one particular day. It’s been a busy but good week though.

Yesterday (Thursday) I received another purchase for one of my No.2. electronic kits. I have sold a few No.1 Kits and now the second in the series is showing positive signs. That’s great. I am still trying to finished the 3rd Kit in the series, but daily life has slowed me down a bit. Actually it’s tiredness mostly. I’ve fallen asleep several times at my workstation while I have been designing the new instruction manual. Had to shut down the computer and just hit the bed.

I have been making some leaps with robotics this week too. I have constructed my first autonomous robot rover. It does some basic things like roving around the house, avoiding obstacles and going crazy a few times. haha. It’s been a very interesting experiment in electronics and mechanics. My aim is to fine tune this robot rover which I have named: Edgar. An acronym for Electronic Drone and General Autonomous Rover.  And create a Robot Kit that people can buy and build their own. Currently it can detect and navigate its surrounding using infrared sensors, light sensors and ‘whisker’ touch sensors. I will add sonic sensors later plus a remote control override. Although its main purpose is to be autonomous, not a remotely controlled machine.

Tonight I went with Chia to see Skull Island. The new reboot of King Kong. And my first reaction was I liked it. I liked it mostly because he is BIG.  Director Peter Jackson made a version many years ago but his Kong was a midget. It was very disappointing. I have been a King Kong fan since I was six years old and I was taken to the cinema to see the Dino De Laurentiis 1976 version starring Jeff Bridges and Jessica Lange. That was pretty big Kong but as scared as I was of this beast I cried my eyes out at the end of the movie when he climbed the world trade center in New York city and was shot down and died.

Thankfully the new Kong doesn’t die either. In fact he never leaves the island. I suspect this may be a set up for a future film that would have King Kong battle against another legendary creature of greatness and scariness; Godzilla.




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