March 25th, 2017

Alexander was up before the crack if dawn, ready for a new day.

Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

Saturday. Cool. 24° c.

6:17 a.m. Up early this morning. Well, not me but Alex. He woke up at about 5:30 a.m. Had a two bottle feed then went back to sleep. Chia and Alex will go to a friend’s wedding reception today, while I head off to Tainan for my weekly lesson with Mia. It only feels like a day or so has passed when it was last Saturday. The weeks are really flying. Perhaps it is the result of a repetitious routine than creates this effect. SO much repetition that the brain decides not to register it and therefore it seems to just fly by. That would explain why when you go on a week or two vacation it can seem like a month, because everything is new and the brain is recording it all moment by moment. So it seems like a much longer period of time. Now that makes sense.

A couple more days and it’s payday. Last months pay for February was bad, mind you it has been worse in previous years. This year was a little better. $15,000 for February. (about $490 USD)  followed by the stretch of one of the longest months of March. 31 days of budget stretching. And remember childcare costs $9000 per month alone (which mind you is actually quite cheap under normal circumstances). But you get an idea of what’s left. Not much. I really dislike the Lunar new year in that respect. Most people are handing out ‘red envelopes’ filled with cash like candy while many others are stuck clinging onto every penny. So glad March is finally ending so I can catch up on the bills. Ha!

11:30 a.m. Left early for Tainan. Going to take it slow today. It’s a nice day for a ride, although it is a little windy.

1:30 p.m. Class with Mia. Today we finished a reading of the story “The Jungle book.” That was the 1st time I’ve read the actual story. Vaguely remember watching the disney animated version of this story eons ago. But of course that version is only remotely similar to Kipplings book. 

Afterward I introduced Mia to EDGAR. As with other kids who have seen it, she too was quite enguaged by it. I think this robot rover may just make some money. But that will have to wait another month. I’m still trying to complete the instruction manual for Ed Kit No.3. Writing the manual is not difficult. What’s slowing things down is my body. My mind gets awfully tired lately. I can start typing away at the computer and suddenly I’m struggling to keep my eyes open and start falling asleep. Perhaps I’m simply doing too much and my body is saying “No more. Give me a break.” SO I’m having to complete things in bursts. Taking time out and then.going at it again. Althought at least it’s better than procrastination. Can’t stand the all talk no action mentality. I’ve got to get it done no matter what regardless of obstacles. I’ve never been able to rest until a goal is complete. But the consequences of that is probably what I’m experiencing now. Fatigue. Never mind.

5:00 p.m. On the way home to Kaohsiung I dropped into the electronics wholesaler. I bought another small robot chassis that I will use to create a second droid. I showed the wholesaler EDGAR. He asked me what programming Im using. I said none. EDGAR is a totally hardwired mechnical robot. No software. No programming. He looked stunned and took out a magnifying glass to take a look at the circuitry on Edgars motherboard, trying to find a micro controller. He found none and was astonished. “Oh my god” he said “This is cool. I got to take a picture.” I said “Sure.” And he did. Ha. I left the wholesaler feeling very happy. I had wowed someone who has far more knowledge than me in regards to electronics. So that was a feel good buzz that lasted all evening.

6:30 p.m. Arrived home and played with Alexander for a while. 

8:00 p.m. Went grocery shopping and then returned home to ‘veg out’ in front of the TV.  Another day done.





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