April 3rd, 2017 | Children’s Day Holiday

Alex takes a rest to look at flowers in Central Park.


7:00 a.m. Alex was up and about this morning ready to go. We will go to Kaohsiung Central park this morning for a run. Chia and Dad are still in the southern tip of Taiwan at her grandfather’s visitation. The body is now in a mobile viewing refrigerator unit located in the living room of their house. Alex and I will attend the funeral to be held on Thursday the 13th of April. I believe he was 85 years old. Red lanterns are hanging outside his house which means he died of old age. Which is a good thing of course. Unlike Mom who was snatched away from us at only 54 years old, less than 8 months ago. I believe, like mom he will have a ‘green funeral’. In Taiwan a majority of people now opt for “green funerals” which basically means, they are not embalmed with chemicals, use a reusable casket for ceremonies and are cremated in gas fired crematorium. The ashes are then kept in an urn or scattered in a garden etc. Reducing both costs to the wallet and enviroment.

9:30 a.m. to 1030 a.m. Took Alex to run and play at Kaohsiung Central park.

11:30 a.m. Alex was rather tired after his morning in the park and was asleep within 10 minutes after arriving home.

12:30 p.m. Chia arrived back. Dad has stayed down south. Tomorrow is Tomb Sweeping day in Taiwan. We are going to visit Chia’s maternal grandfather and then visit the tomb of her maternal grandma along with the rest of the family on Mom’ side. So it will be early to bed tonight. I’m already feeling tired. The morning at the park with Alexander has worn me out too! Ha.


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