24th April 2017 | A Fine Time

Monday. Clear. Warm 26 degrees Celsius

Kaohsiung. Taiwan

10:57 p.m. Finally caught some time to update my chronicle. Mum and Dad’s visit to Taiwan has been an adventure for them so far.

Alexander, Me, Grandma, Granddad sitting out Tainan’s Chimei Museum of World History.

On Saturday the 22nd we took them to Tainan’s Chimei museum where they were impressed by the volume of historical artifacts on display there. We had to break the visit up into a morning and afternoon session. As it was a bit overwhelming to do in one tour.

Mum and Dad standing at the front of the Chimei museum Fountain.

In the morning we arrived by hire car at around 10am. I took them through the weapons of war section 1st which houses everything from medieval knights and  to Japanese Samurai. Then we crossed over to the world animals exhibition which has everything from mammoth bones to modern polar bears. Dinosaur eggs to Giant African elephants.

At 11:30 we headed off to have launch with Mia and her family in Tainan city. Mum and Dad where treated to a plentiful supply of Taiwanese dishes, hosted by Mia herself who served them dutifully. Very nice of her. After lunch we dropped into their home for drinks, fresh fruit and some tunes. Mia played the giant xylophone called a Marimba. It was very impressive.

Alexander wasnt in the mood and started becoming a bit ropeable, so we had to cut out visit to Mia’s short.

At around 2:30 pm we checked back into the Chimei museum and finished the rest of the tour. In the afternoon mum and dad went though the classic arts and furniture exhibits and musical instruments of the world. We then finished it off by going into the gift shop.

Mum, Dad and Me at Lotus Lake, Kaohsiung.

On Sunday we explored the Art Pier No.2 in Kaohsiung harbour and then went to the former British Consul. The weather had a little drizzle but remained fairly stable through the day, making it cooler and more pleasant over all.

After the British consul we went for a drive a little north to Lotus Lake and then toured through the Lotus Lake Temple where Mum and Dad feed the giant Gold Fish.

In the evening Chia’s Aunty’s took us all out to an expensive restaurant for dinner in the Ambassador Hotel.

Chia’s two Aunts pose with Mum and Dad in the ambassador Hotel’s restaurant.

I think they had a pretty fine time.

Tonight we took them out on the ‘Love River’ for a 30 minute river cruise. We went by scooter. And then on the giant ferris Wheel at the Dream Mall shopping complex where they had a great view of the entire city at night.

Mum and Dad under the Giant Ferris Wheel at Kaohsiung Dream Mall.



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