29th April, 2017

Saturday. Fine. 30°c.

Mum and Dad stand by the giant kelp aquarium at the National Marine biology museum.

930 a.m. Set off to Pingtung in the rental car.

11:00 a.m. Arrived at grandma’s house in Kending, Pingtung. Checked mum and dad into their hot springs hotel. We had arrived just in the nick of time. There was only room left on the top floor. Good views but a bit of a stair climb. No elevator in these older buildings. Anyhow the room was clean and had all the essentials. We bought along mums memory foam mattress and fitted it onto the bed. Was just the right size.

Dad, Mum, Grandma and a cousin.

12:30 We all went to the Taiwan national marine biology museum. The museum is about 20 mins drive from grandma’s house. Then spent the day looking at it’s assortment of live exhibits. Besides fish and marine mammals there was a colony of Antarctic penguins as well in a giant antarctic environment which was kept at 5°c.  After standing watching the penguins it started to get very cold and was time to move on. We finished the tour by watching a diver feed sharks, rays and other fish species in a giant aquarium. And mum bought some souvenirs with photos of all of us together on them.

Dad stands behind our hire car, parked outside grandma’s house.

6:00 p.m. Grabbed a couple of beers and snacks and dropped mum and dad into their hotel.  I went to grandma’s to check on Chia and Alexander.

View of hills behind hot springs hotel room.

9:00 p.m. Went to see how mum and dad were going and see if they had tried the hot springs baths yet. They had and thoroughly enjoyed it. They will have another hotspring bath in the morning.


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